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IncrediMail is advanced feature rich email program that offers lots of animated characters, also called notifies, to keep you updated with new mail. It also proffers a broad range of other multimedia options including animations, sounds, pretty background templates, ecards, for your email and more. IncrediMail offers simple and seamless features to make things hassle free for users. Undoubtedly, IncrediMail is a quiet and impressive application; but when it comes to business dealings its features are worthless, while some people who have tried it want desperately to remove it completely from their computers.


Luckily, in order to uninstall IncrediMail from your computer you don’t need password to remove the application from their computer. You can simply remove IncrediMail through the add remove program utility. If this process does not work, then you can delete the IncrediMail password from your account and then delete the software from your computer. However to delete the password from your account, follow the steps given below:-


Steps to delete password from IncrediMail account


  • Firstly, select the icon for IncrediMail in the right corner of your screen. Right click on it and select "Exit."

  • Navigate to "Start" in the lower left corner and select "Run."

  • Enter "regedit" in the open box and select "OK"

  • Navigate to the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IncrediMail\Identities\ some long string of numbers. If you can't find the password key with that path, search for this one: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IncrediMail\Identities\ some long string of numbers.

  • Delete the key.

  • You have successfully deleted your IncrediMail password.


If this process does not work, then you need support on IncrediMail to uninstall from a reputed third party support company. Expert help offered by a reliable company helps you in an easy uninstallation of your IncrediMail from your system.


Steps to IncrediMail from computer


In order to uninstall your IncrediMail account application from the computer, simply follow these steps:


  • Click "Start" at the left-hand side corner of your screen.

  • Navigate to "Programs.”

  • Locate "IncrediMail" in the list and click on it.

  • Click on "Uninstall IncrediMail."

  • To continue with the IncrediMail uninstallation, select "Next" and "Yes."

  • Once the IncrediMail removal is completed, you must restart your computer for it to take effect.

  • Next, you need to remove a folder to complete the IncrediMail removal. Simply open "My Computer," open the "C" drive, and select for "Program files." Now search for and locate the bin folder for IncrediMail.

  • 8) Delete it.


While uninstalling IncrediMail, there are some common technical issues that can take place at any point in time without any hint. For this, you can contact IncrediMail customer service for uninstallation help and get reliable technical support for resolving uninstallation errors.


Apart from the IncrediMail Support, users have many alternate options in the form of 3rd party customer support companies. They provide prompt, 24x7 round the clock services at affordable rates.